Best Electric Scooters With Big Wheels

So, you’re looking for a new electric scooter and are interested in trying something bigger—and by bigger we made something with big wheels. Large tires have been praised as being some of the most durable out there and are commonly chosen for use on not just city streets but also on uneven terrain.

Best Electric Scooters for Winter

It appears that we are living during the electric scooter revolution. This new mode of transportation is taking over the world—we’re seeing more and more city streets lined with electric scooters and more people are opting to use these instead of cars or public transport to get to their desired destination.

Best Electric Scooters with a Seat for Adults

Never before has getting around been so much fun— the world has welcomed many new ways to travel. Not only is electrified transportation more fun, but it also makes for an easier commute, and is better for the environment, too. Around the globe, and especially in big cities, electric scooters have been popping up left and right.

Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Adults

Electric scooters have taken the world by storm. In fact, if you’re living in an urban area, it’s become almost impossible to not see them lining the streets. They’ve become all the range with young adults but are a fun way to get from A to B for anyone!

Can Electric Skateboards Brake?

One of the most amazing things about an electric skateboard is its capacity to get you up a hill, but what happens when you start to go down, can electric skateboards brake?

Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

If you’ve used normal skateboards all your life and have just purchased an electric skateboard, you’re probably really excited to ask the question can electric skateboards go uphill?

How Far Can Electric Bikes Go?

Just how far can electric bikes go? As with electric cars, range anxiety is a common thing experienced by electric bicycle riders—no one wants to be halfway to their destination only to have the battery power run out!