Tesla Voice Commands List (For Any Model)

Usually, the main part of a car is its physical attributes, like engine size or seat colour. This is where Teslas are different. They’re are renowned for the amazing software onboard, which makes any user feel like a butler.

In this guide, I’ll be listing the available voice commands in Teslas which allow you to control the vehicle with only a few words. It doesn’t get more futuristic than that, right?

Tesla Voice Commands List

Below you will find a complete list of the voice commands on any Tesla model organised into the main different categories. To see what the options are for select commands, use the links provided or scroll down below the list to ‘Voice Command Options‘.

Car Controls

Speed up wipersMakes wipers faster
Slow down wipersMakes wipers slower
Set wipers speed to (1,2,3 or 4)Sets wiper speed
Turn wipers offTurns wipers off
Fold mirrorsFolds mirrors inwards
Unfold mirrorsFolds mirrors outwards
Lock doorsLocks doors
Unlock doorsUnlocks doors
Lock windowsLocks windows
Unlock windowsUnlocks windows
Set (seat) seat heater to (1,2 or 3)Sets seat heater to selected heat option


Where is (Location)Searches for location
Drive/Navigate to (Location)Gets directions to a location


Call/Dial (Contact)Calls someone of your choice


Listen to (music)Plays music of your choice
Play (music)Plays music of your choice


Open BrowserOpens web browser
Close BrowserCloses web browser
Show Charging ScreenShows charging screen
Hide Charging ScreenHides charging screen
Show CalendarShows charging screen
Hide CalendarHides charging screen

Do voice commands change depending on the Model?

No, the voice commands on a Tesla change when the software is updated, so as long as your model has the latest version of the software, you will be able to use all of the commands.

How to use Voice Commands

To use voice commands in a Tesla, simply press the button on your steering wheel. The location of this button varies by the model, but it will usually have an icon of a person’s head with sound waves coming out of it. Once you’ve pressed the button, just speak the command out loud, your Tesla will then listen to you and perform the action.

Voice Command Options

There are several options you need to know when using voice commands on a Tesla. Below I have described each option for you.

Seat Options

  • Driver/My: The driver’s seat
  • Passenger: The passenger’s seat (front of the vehicle next to driver)
  • Rear left: The seat in the rear on the left
  • Rear middle: The seat in the rear in the middle
  • Rear right: The seat in the rear on the right

Seat Heat Options

  • 1: Low seat heating
  • 2: Medium seat heating
  • 3: High seat heating

Wiper Speed Options

  • 1: Slowest wiper speed (light rain)
  • 2: Slow wiper speed (moderate rain)
  • 3: Fast wiper speed (heavy rain)
  • 4: Fastest wiper speed (very heavy rain)

Location Options

  • Addresses
  • ZIP codes & Postcodes
  • Landmarks
  • Business names
  • Cities

Calling Options

  • Contact name (can be the first name or both first and last name)
  • Contact number (add country code for international calls)

Music Options

You can use one or a mix of any of the following.

  • Song
  • Artist
  • Album

Important Notes

There are a few more things you should be aware of, so below I have put together a list of them.

  • You can use “Open/Close” instead of “Show/Hide
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