Can Electric Skateboards Go Uphill?

If you’ve used normal skateboards all your life and have just purchased an electric skateboard, you’re probably really excited to ask the question can electric skateboards go uphill? We all know how much of a bummer it can be to be faced with a large hill, and it’s pretty gnarly to know that electric skateboards can help us with just that.

We’ll jump straight to the point for this one—yes, electric skateboards can go uphill. However, like with any other piece of equipment, it’s important to know that the capabilities of the electric skateboards will vary.

Budget skateboards will generally only be able to handle really gradual inclines, while other more performance-based skateboards will be able to tackle much steeper hills. Additionally, there are some other factors that play a role in your electric skateboard’s ability to make it up steep hills. Let’s take a look. 

Electric Skateboards are Great…

The world is sort of obsessed with electric transportation at the moment. Electric cars, electric scooters, electric skateboards, and even electric lawn mowers have taken the world by storm and have become a favourite way to get around and get stuff done.

Electric skateboards are one such innovation that have quickly become a favourite in many areas of the world. They’re fun to use and in many ways are much better than their conventional counterparts. One of the areas they truly shine is with hills. Have you ever used a normal skateboard to go uphill? It can be a real pain. 

Gone are the days where you’ll be forced to exert yourself so much that by the time you get to the top of the hill you no longer have the energy to do anything. No longer will you be forced to get off your board and walk it up the hill, either. 

Electric skateboards have made tackling hills possible. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all electric skateboards offer the same capabilities. Some will be far better at handling hills than others. Let’s take a look. 

But Can They Handle Hills?

Just like with electric bikes or electric scooters, different electric skateboard models handle different inclines better. Some of the high-end models are capable of much steeper inclines than budget-friendly options and there are a few different factors that contribute to their capabilities. 


As you can probably assume, the gradient/incline of the hill is the most important factor to consider when determining if your electric skateboard can make it up or not. The higher the incline, the steeper the hill. For you as a rider, this means you’ll require more power to make it to the top. 

Generally speaking, most budget electric skateboards can handle up to 5% incline. Many mid-priced models have better capabilities and should do okay with inclines between 5 and 15%. If you’re looking to tackle climbs of around 20 to 30%, you’ll want to invest in a top-end model. 

Motor Power

What exactly allows the more expensive electric skateboards to make it to the top of hills? Powerful motors. If you’ve got a motor with greater power capabilities, you’ll find that it’s much easier to make it to the top of the hill. Generally speaking, steeper hills will require at least a few hundred watts of motor power. 

Average riders will be alright with a motor ranging from around 150 to 350 watts. If you’re heavier, or live in an area with more hills, you might want to invest in a premium electric skateboard that has a motor producing between 350 and 500 watts of power. 

You’ll notice that most of the budget brands will have a single motor and are therefore only capable of around 5 to 10% incline. The more expensive brands will make use of dual motors which allow them to make it up steeper hills. Even better, the most expensive models will use 4 x 4 wheel motors that allow them to easily climb 30% gradients.


Have you ever been backpacking or travelled up a hill carrying someone on your back? Having that extra load obviously makes getting up the hill much more difficult, and the same could be said for your skateboard. 

The rider’s weight is an important factor in determining if an electric skateboard can go uphill. Riders with normal weights of around 155 lbs. (70 kg) should be alright making it up the hill with a normal electric skateboard. However, if you weigh a little more than that you might want to invest in a better and more powerful electric skateboard.

Battery Capacity

It may seem irrelevant, but without a strong and charged battery, the motor of your electric scooter won’t be very powerful. Making it up hills, especially really steep ones, will require a lot of power—which means a lot of battery power, too.

Let’s say for instance that you use full throttle to make it up a hill with 20 to 30% gradient. With good quality electric skateboard, you will make it to the top, but you will also drain the battery pretty quickly.

That being said, if you live in an area with a lot of steep hills (ahem, San Francisco) you’re definitely going to want to invest in an electric skateboard with a large battery capacity that translates to a significant range. Your range will decrease dramatically after going over several hills, and you wouldn’t want to make it to the top of the hill only to have your skateboard run out of juice, now would you? 


This is probably common sense, but a smooth hill is much easier to get up then one with a lot of cracks, rocks, and potholes. If you’re trying to determine your chances of making it up a steep hill, you’ll have far better luck with ones that are smooth and freshly paved. 

The Best Electric Skateboards for Making it Uphill

Boosted Mini X – 25%

Boosted is probably one of the most well-known and trusted names in the electric skateboard industry. While they’re great at producing high-quality boards, they do leave a little to be desired in terms of making it up hills. Compared with some other, more affordable brands they don’t have the capacity to tackle high incline rates, as all of their boards top out at 25% gradients. 

Evolve GTR – 25%

GTR is just one in the Evolve fleet to offer unrivalled performance and capabilities of hill climbing. All of the boards sold by Evolve can tackle at least 25% incline rates, with some able to handle 30%. Their top speeds put them in a class of their own, and so do the price tags. 

Meepo AWD Pro – 35%

Meepo is a well-known name for high performance electric skateboards. Their models aren’t exactly the most budget-friendly but are still some of the most affordable options out there. Every single one of the boards in their fleet offers a 30% incline— except for the one we mentioned the AWD Pro, which is capable of 35% inclines—the highest of all electric skateboards!

WowGo 3 – 30%

WowGo is a relatively well-known manufacturer responsible for producing high-quality, but low-cost electric skateboards. They offer several different models, all capable of 30% inclines.

You (With the Help of Your Board) Can Make It

So, go ahead, take a deep breath, and realize that tackling that hill in front of you might be easier than you think. When it comes to making it up steep hills, we electric skateboard enthusiasts can have confidence in some of our favourite brands and know that they’re able to travel uphill—even when that hill is pretty steep.