Best Electric Scooters with Suspension

Who isn’t excited about the idea of riding on an electric scooter? Electric scooters are all the rage these days—and for good reason. These are an excellent way to commute or to enjoy a fun weekend adventure. For the true adventurers at heart, riding an electric scooter on rough terrain adds to the excitement. For this, a good suspension system is required. 

A scooter with shock absorbers or a suspension can improve the comfort while riding on difficult terrain. If your regular commute involves bumps and potholes, or you plan to take your electric scooter off road, you should definitely consider finding an electric scooter with a solid suspension system.

Here are our top 10 best electric scooters with suspension in 2020.

1. Glion Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

The Gilon Dolly Electric Scooter is rated as one of the top e-scooters for adults. It’s lightweight, foldable, and brilliant value. This scooter will get you from A-B, even if the road is a bit bumpy. If you’d like to check the current price and deals for this scooter, head over to the product on Amazon by clicking here.

2. EvoMotion Powerboard Folding Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Evo Scooters

Price: $1,198

If you were to just take a quick look at the scooter you would realize that it was built for power. The manufacturers themselves refer to the EvoMotion powerboard as the ‘Beast’ and it sure is. When it comes to suspension, you won’t be disappointed with the dual rear shock absorbers that pair with full arm swing suspension to keep you feeling comfortable, even when on bumpy terrain.

It’s true power, however, comes from the 60V 2000Ah battery and the 2000-watt brushless motor. In terms of speed and performance, this is one of the most capable electric scooters out there. It’s capable of reaching speeds up to 31 mph (50 kph) and riders can take comfort in the fact that they can make it up to 21 miles (35 kilometers) between charges.

Special features like the twist and go throttle and the gold brake parts also really impress riders and turn heads. We also really like the option to choose between turbo and economy modes, and also adjust (or remove) the seat height to meet your specific needs.  Equipped with front and rear LED lights, this electric scooter is great during the day or at night. The only drawback we could find with this electric scooter is the fact that it’s got a slightly wider, but also shorter footboard then some other ones. 

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3. Dualtron Thunder

Photo Credit: Mini Motor USA 

We love the Dualtron Thunder for several reasons—one of which being its suspension system. It’s got a customizable suspension system that is unlike any other electric scooter on the market! Riders can choose between five different cartridge suspension options, enjoying anything from a soft ride to a hard ride. 

The suspension geometry has been specifically designed to offer a 3-step system that includes not only replaceable rubber cartridges but also the ability option for riders to choose what kind of ride they’ll experience. For example, if you live in a colder climate, you’ll probably want to use one of the cartridges that provide a softer riding experience. In warm areas, some of the harder cartridges are a better choice.

Dualtron has been a trusted brand for years now, and their Thunder model is certainly no exception. The 5400-watt motor is one of the strongest used in electric scooters on the market and it allows riders to experience a top speed of 50 mph (80 kph). It’s equipped with a 60V 35Ah battery that allows for a maximum range of 75 miles (120 kilometers). As one of the most impressive hill-climbers out there, the Thunder can travel up hills at a 47% gradient.

Some of the other features we love are the 4-inch ultra-wide tubeless tires, the ABS-standard hydraulic brakes, the LCD display that has an optional fingerprint reader, and the undercarriage mood lighting and illuminated head bar. The only downside to this electric scooter is the price.

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4. Inokim OX

Photo Credit: Inokim USA

Price: $2,000

If you’re looking for smooth and sleek, then the OX has got your back. The Inokim brand has been one of the favorite electric scooter manufacturers for years. They’re known for their top-notch innovation and are committed to a mission of reducing the amount of pollution and our environment.

The OX is a sport model and, as such, features awesome stability and power while still staying true to the brand’s commitment to high standards. The OX may look small, but it isn’t lacking in any way.  It’s got a patented suspension system that allows riders to choose between high and low settings. This is one of the best options out there for those who like to cruise around city streets but who are also looking for more of an adventure on the weekends.

The solid built frame is supported by a motor and battery equally as tough. Potential buyers can choose from two options when it comes to the scooter’s battery, either a ‘hero’ battery or ‘super’ battery. With the latter, you’ll experience power from a 57.6V 20.8 battery that means up to 68 miles (110 km) between charges. Regardless of the battery you choose, you’ll benefit from the 1000-watt motor that means the scooter is capable of reaching speeds of up to 31 mph (45 kph). We haven’t found many downsides to this model, however, it is one of the pricier options out there. 

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5. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Photo Credit: Fluid Free Ride

Price: $2,999

This electric scooter really is as sporty as it looks. As one of the best options for off-road terrain, this electric scooter is not only great for commuting but is also a good choice for the adventurer in us all. It’s a compact but mighty option and is sure to provide you that fun and comfortable ride you’ve been looking for.

The Wolf Warrior combines awesome features like a front hydraulic suspension with rear springs. Needless to say, even a bumpy ride will be a fun one. It’s supported by front and rear hydraulic brakes too and also comes equipped with motorcycle grade hydraulic shock absorbers. If you’re looking for the ultimate off-road experience, look no further.

If you need power to make it over that tough terrain, then the two powerful brushless 1200-watt motors will help you do just that. With this power, you’re capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kph) and can easily traverse hills with up to 30% incline. Combined with a LG brand 60V 35Ah battery, you can go up to 70 miles (112 km) between charges. This electric scooter is so capable of adventure it was even used in a 20-day journey through Tibet! 

This is a heavy scooter with a relatively heavy price tag, so it isn’t for the faint of heart. 

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6. NanRobot D6+

Photo Credit: NanRobot

Price: $1,699

When we’re looking for an electric scooter with top-notch suspension capabilities, we always look at some of the models offered by NanRobot. They’re one of the most favored electric scooter manufacturers for a reason. Their D6+ model offers the ultimate riding experience and uses a top-of-the-line C-type spring suspension. What does this mean? The front and rear spring hydraulic suspension systems make even the biggest bumps feel smooth. 

The rest of the scooter is supported by a superior quality aluminum alloy frame that’s capable of supporting up to 260 lbs. (120 kg) of rider weight. The deck is not only long and wide to ensure a comfortable ride but is also 7 inches above the ground meaning that you won’t have to worry about getting caught on anything. Top all of that off with dual motors capable of producing 2,000 watts of power and a 52V 26Ah battery, and you’re good to go at speeds up to 40 mph (64 kph) and enjoy up to 33 miles or 53 km of range.

Some of the other special features included with the D6+ are the super bright LED lights in the front and rear, as well as the weatherproof color display that let you know what gear you’re in, how charged your battery is, and how fast you’re going. It even includes turn lights! The only letdown would have to be the price. 

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7. Apollo Pro

Photo Credit: Apollo Scooters

Price: $1,799

If you look close enough you can actually see the suspension system on this scooter! The Apollo scooter brand is one of the best out there and their Pro model is one of the highest performing scooters available on the market. It’s been designed to fulfil any transport needs—from daily commuting to weekend trail adventures. This is all possible with the advanced spring suspension system. It keeps riders feeling safe and comfortable and ensures that even the toughest terrain can be handled. 

Riders will experience top speeds of up to 40 mph (65 kph)— all thanks to the dual 1000-watt motors. Riders can easily climb 40% inclines, as this scooter was designed to support travel through Canadian mountain ranges. The scooter only takes 10 hours to charge and the range on this model is a whopping 68 miles (110 km) and is supported by a 52V 23.5Ah LG battery. If a longer range is something you’d appreciate, you can opt for the upgrade to a 60V battery, some of the highest used in the world of electric scooters. 

We’ve saved the best for last—safety features. The pro model features high performance disc brakes as well as an electric regenerative braking system. For riders, they can expect to come to a full stop within 5 meters. This means that a reversed current is sent through the motor and not only slows down the scooter but also recharges the battery while doing so. 

The 10-inch pneumatic tires are not only comfortable but are also well suited to handle rough terrain. The only downside is to those of us who don’t live in Canada, their awesome and affordable financing system is only available to Canadians (the scooter can still be purchased elsewhere). 

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8. Unagi The Model One

Photo Credit: Unagi Scooters

Price: $999

This is one of the most affordable scooters on the list at under $1,000, but that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in quality. It’s been designed with the rider in mind and incorporates many high-quality and top-of-the-line Innovative features. These include the tires which ingeniously act as a front and rear suspension system. Made of solid rubber, 7.5 inches tall, and puncture-proof, manufacturing scientists have Incorporated air pockets throughout the tire itself, which is what cushions the rider and acts as suspension. If you were to hop on The Model One right now, you would feel balanced and shocked free.

It’s many of the other features that really make this scooter stand out. These include speed control, a perfectly detailed kickstand, top-of-the-line materials, and a perfectly finished paint job. This electric scooter just oozes luxury and could easily be compared to a Tesla. 

It doesn’t just look great; it also runs very well, too. Equipped with 200 watts of motor power and a powerful battery, the scooter is capable of speeds of up to 17 mph (27 kph) and can handle inclines of up to 6 degrees (15 degrees on the upgraded version). This obviously isn’t the fastest scooter out there, so if you’re looking for power, you might want to go with a more expensive version. 

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9. Mercane WideWheel Pro

Photo Credit: Fluid Free Ride

Price: $1,299

In terms of suspension, the WideWheel Pro has a lot to offer. It not only has a dual suspension system made with alloy coil springs, but it also has tires that, like the name suggests, are extra wide—they’re 8 inches tall and nearly 4 inches wide! They’re filled with polyurethane foam fluid and they act like a backup to the suspension system by giving riders some additional shock absorption. 

Contributing to the overall safety of the electric scooter, this model not only comes with a top-of-the-line suspension system, but also rear and front brakes. It gets power from two 500-watt motors and the 48V 15Ah lithium ion battery allows it to reach ranges of 22 miles (35 kilometers). Getting over hills isn’t a problem either and you’ll enjoy speeds of up to 26 mph (41 kph).

While tackling hills and gaining speed won’t be an issue with the scooter, it might take some getting used to with making turns. The wide wheels are comfortable, but they will take some practice to become comfortable with them. 

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10. Turbowheel Lightning+

Photo Credit: E Wheels

Price: $1,690

The Lightning+ is the newest model in Turbowheel’s fleet and it combines the brand’s use of high-performance materials with some modern features that are even better. With regard to suspension—this electric scooter offers an excellent system. Not only does it work well, but the suspension system looks great too. Contrasting metallic cherry red accents with charcoal black, the torsion suspension bars and fittings make a bold statement and offer a comfortable ride.

If you’re after customizable comfort, the Lightning+ comes with a screw adjustable rear suspension damper. This means that the rider can set the firmness based on their personal preferences and their weight. In addition, both the rear and front wheels have suspension. Some reviewers have commented on the suspension, saying that it works great even when riding through grass! 

The Lightning+ comes equipped with dual 1000-watt motors, capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 mph (64 kph). It also has a 60V 21Ah battery capable of ranges up to 40 miles (kilometers). With all of this power comes a little extra weight, and this scooter is unfortunately one of the heavier ones at 77 pounds (34 kilograms).

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