Best Electric Scooters with a Seat for Adults

Never before has getting around been so much fun— the world has welcomed many new ways to travel. Not only is electrified transportation more fun, but it also makes for an easier commute, and is better for the environment, too. Around the globe, and especially in big cities, electric scooters have been popping up left and right. 

Either as part of a shared network, or simply used by people who want to avoid rush-hour traffic and hectic parking, electric scooters have emerged as a way for people to get to where they need to go. The electric scooter industry has experienced nearly unprecedented growth. The market as a whole is expected to reach sales of more than 40 billion USD by 2030. It’s clear that this way of getting around shows no signs of stopping.

With this change in how people are choosing to get to their destination, more and more people are interested in getting on board an electric scooter themselves. Not only are these scooters being used by teens and young people, but more and more adults have been investing in electric scooters, too. 

Based on different needs and preferences, some people prefer electric scooters with a seat. We know that it’s difficult to navigate this quickly growing market, so we’ll help you out with 10 of the best electric scooters with a seat for adults—all available now in 2020. 

1. 2020 Lunar Rocket 1800 Brushless Lithium Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Lunar Scooters

Price: $1,299

This electric scooter has got it all—awesome acceleration, maximum speed, and outstanding off-road capabilities. When it comes to seat-equipped electric scooters, this is the fastest in its class. 

Let’s take a look at where the speed comes from. The 2020 Lunar Rocket is equipped with an 1800-watt brushless electric motor allowing it to reach speeds of up to 40 mph (64 kph). It’s also got a 48V 20Ah lithium battery and can get 30 miles (48 km) between charges. All this power means that this electric scooter has enough torque to get even a 200 lbs. (100 kg) rider easily up a hill. 

Not only that, but it only weighs 75 lbs. (34 kg), nearly 25 lbs. (11 kg) lighter than most other comparable models. It comes equipped with large 14-inch knobby tires, high quality front and rear brakes, rear dual shocks, and a folding frame that is not only easy to put down but also provides a comfortable and smooth ride. The big comfortable seat is both removable and adjustable, and perfect for any adult rider.

When you go with the 2020 Lunar Rocket, you’ll get a lot of choice. Choose between the Econo or Turbo mode when riding to save battery. When you order you can also choose from three different colors and will receive the free option to include an external charging adapter, meaning that you can remove the battery and charge it independent of the scooter itself. Many people call this the Tesla of scooters— so go ahead and try one for yourself!

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2. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Razor

Price: $399

We couldn’t finish this list without including at least one scooter from Razor. Razor has been one of the biggest names in the industry for years now, and they’ve transitioned nicely away from their traditional kick push, human powered scooters. 

The EcoSmart Metro electric scooter uses a 36V battery and 16-inch pneumatic tires, providing unparalleled convenience and comfort. It comes equipped with a high-torque, chain driven, and variable speed 500-watt motor that uses a twist grip throttle. The rear disc brakes are hand-operated, and the seat is padded for comfort.

What really makes this a great scooter with a seat? It’s a perfect choice for commuters, and even includes a detachable luggage rack and rear fender. The bamboo deck looks great and the powder-coated frame means you’ll be riding around in style. 

Current users love how much fun it is to ride on this and report that it works great on flat smooth surfaces. It’s definitely one of the more affordable options out there, meaning that it may struggle—especially when it comes to things like steep hills. 

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3. Goplus LED Bluetooth Folding Electric Scooter with Removable Seat

Photo Credit: Walmart

Price: $599.99

When it comes to sitting down during your ride, Goplus can help you out. Hopping on a sit-down scooter has never been more fun! The Goplus electric scooter is foldable and equipped with a detachable and adjustable seat. They’ve successfully combined comfort and easy cruising in one stylish package. 

Perfect for adults, the scooter is equipped with a larger deck, as well as a frame and tires that makes it better for adult riders. It’s also capable of holding maximum loads of up to 221 lbs. (100 kg). Even with its larger size, it’s still capable of traveling up to 15.5 mph (25 kph) and can easily tackle inclines of up to 15 degrees.

How is all of this possible? The scooter is powered by two 250-watt motors, both in the front and rear wheels. It includes a 36V 5.2Ah lithium battery and can travel for ranges of up to 12.5 miles (20 km). 

What do we like most about this scooter? How cool it looks! It’s equipped with bright headlights and also decorative night lights that allow you to cruise around in the dark (and look super-cool doing so). Even better, it features a Bluetooth music function! 

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4. MotoTec FatBoy

Photo Credit: Urban Scooters

Price: $548

Mototec knows how to combine fun and functionality—and the FatBoy is one of their newest releases to join the world of electric scooters. As the name suggests, the FatBoy is… well, fat.   It comes equipped with phat tires that are 6 inches wide and 15 inches tall—more than three times as wide as normal electric scooter tires!

But it’s not just tires that make this electric scooter stand out, it also performs really well. It’s got a 500-watt rear hub motor that allows riders to reach speeds of around 20 mph (32 kph). Whether you’re using the scooter to get to as a part of your daily commute, or you’re taking it on a fun-filled adventure, you’ll enjoy the journey there. The FatBoy’s 48V battery system allows you to go 20 miles (km) between charges.

Whether you want to sit down or stand, the choice is yours. The extra wide cruiser handlebars will keep you feeling comfortable on your ride and the thick tires will absorb any uncomfortable bumps. Continuing with the phat style, the Fatboy also comes equipped with oversized headlights. It has a capacity to carry riders up to 250 lbs. (113 kg), making it one of the best electric scooters with a seat for larger adults. 

The only drawback of the scooter? As you might assume, it’s a little heavier itself. Weighing in at 90 lbs. (40 kgs), it might not be the easiest to carry around with you. 

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5. Zipper Off Road Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Hobby Worx

Price: $559

Simply put, this electric scooter is packed with all the features you could want. It combines simplicity, style, and quality materials to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Unlike some of the other scooters on this list, it includes a reliable chain drive system—and also comes equipped with a functional kickstand to make parking a breeze.

The power in this small but mighty scooter comes from a 1000-watt motor that is powered by a 48V 12Ah battery. It’s capable of reaching speeds up to 27 mph (45 kph) and can go up to 18 miles (30 km) between charges. Cruise around and feel safe with vented disc front and rear brakes and enjoy comfort from the single and twin coil suspension systems.

The 12-inch front and rear tires are perfect for off-road use. We really like that you can start this electric scooter using an ignition key and that the seat height is both removable and adjustable. People who have purchased the scooter report being impressed with the scooter and its capabilities to navigate obstacles like sticks, potholes, and hills. The manufacturers haven’t listed the scooter’s carrying capacity, so it may not be suitable for larger adult riders. 

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6. NanRobot D6+

Photo Credit: NanRobot

Price: $1,699

You’ve probably noticed from the picture that this electric scooter doesn’t have a seat. That’s right, it doesn’t come equipped with a seat. However, NanRobot has seats that can be ordered separately on their website. It’s easy to order a seat to match any of their models, and they even have a video on their website that shows you how to install it.

The D6+Comes equipped with two brushless 1000-watt motors, one in each wheel, contributing to top speeds of 39 mph (64 kph). The wheels are supported by front and rear disc brakes plus electric brakes. This means safer breaking for riders, even at top speeds. 

Riders can choose between dual mode and single mode, opting to use either one or both of the motors. This allows for strong power and excellent climbing, or smooth riding, power saving, and a longer range. The battery used in the D6+ is a large capacity lithium battery, meaning that the range of this scooter can be up to 40 miles (65 km).

The C-type spring suspension keeps you feeling comfortable on your ride and the wide tires are explosion-proof, meaning you won’t have to deal with a flat. We really love the high-quality alloy frame that includes a bright light system and a LED display that shows speed, battery level, and gear position. 

One of the big downfalls of this electric scooter is its price. It is definitely one of the best electric scooters on the market—and it has a heftier price tag to show. Not only that, but to order the seat will cost you an additional $150.

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7. Super Turbo 1000-Elite

Photo Credit: Super Cycles & Scooters

Price: $529

This electric scooter is where durability meets power meets affordability. This is one of the highest rated electric scooters on the internet and a quick look online will show you many positive reviews on Amazon and other sites. 

The 1000 Elite features front and rear disc brakes, dual rear adjustable shocks, and a solid steel frame to keep you safe and comfortable. Transportability is easy, and the scooter can fold down quickly. The fat 10.5-inch tires are suitable for all types of terrain, too.

Unlike many other electric scooters, the 36V 1200Ah battery is lead acid instead of a lithium ion. These are slightly heavier, however, have a longer life and a longer run time (up to 18 miles/ 28km between charges). The battery pack powers a 1000-watt motor, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 27 mph (43 kph). 

We love that the seat is comfortable and removable and that there are LED headlights and a key switch ignition. The scooter also comes with a free charger and a free tool kit. And the Super Turbo 1000-Elite comes in three different colors! 

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8. Flyby Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Best E-Bike Store

Price: $699

If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, then look no further. The Flyby is perfect for commuting and allows you to get around safely and in style. The simplicity offered by the Flyby electric scooter Is second to none and just what most adult riders are looking for. 

This electric scooter comes equipped with a 500-watt motor powered by a 48V 10Ah battery. It keeps it simple with two level speeds and the LCD display with USB outlets allows you to see your current/average/maximum speed, your total distance, and the status of your battery. 

The Flyby comes equipped with a comfortable seat that can be removed. Front and rear suspension keep you feeling comfortable, and disc brakes and an electric horn keep you safe. This is a perfect electric scooter for adults—great for vacations, commuting through campus, or navigating downtown traffic!  

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9. Fiido Seated Electric Scooter

Photo Credit: Voro Motors

Price: $899

This is a unique scooter in the list as it’s an exclusively seated scooter electric scooter. Designed for comfort it features 12-inch pneumatic rubber tires, cruise control, and front and rear suspension to reduce bumps and vibration. It’s portable and easy to store, but still provides a large and comfortable seat for any adult rider. 

Powered by a 500-watt geared motor, it’s capable of speeds up to 15 mph (25 kph). The 36V 10Ah battery allows it to reach ranges of up to 18 miles (30 km). It can tackle medium-sized hills, up to 10% incline.

You can choose from a variety of cool colors and can even have your scooter equipped with a rear basket for storage.  It’s a perfect option for food delivery drivers, heavier riders (up to 280 lbs./140 kg), and families with kids (add-on child seat coming soon). Plus, it charges fully in just 3-4 hours! 

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10. Hiboy S2

Photo Credit: Gizmo Nest

Price: $459

The Hiboy wraps up our list with the S2 electric scooter.  It combines power, stability, and durability to make your next ride smooth and simple. Using durable and quality materials, combined with top-notch technology, this scooter incorporates features to keep riders safe and feeling good on their next adventure or commute.

This electric scooter makes use of downhill and regenerative braking, meaning that the power generated while slowing down is sent back to the battery pack. This means that you can even charge the scooter on the go!

The powerful 350-watt electric brushless hub motor allows riders to reach speeds of up to 18.6 mph (30 kph). They battery pack supports a range of up to 17 miles (29 km).  We love how smooth accelerating and turning is with a scooter. The solid tires and frame not only keep you safe but also keep you feeling comfortable.

Some of the added features on this model include three lights, in the front, rear, and middle. The electric scooter also features a disc braking system and ABS regenerative anti-lock braking. The Highboy collapses easily for storage in a car, garage, or closet. It’s also small enough to easily take with you on your morning train or subway commute.

One of the coolest things about this model? It can be paired with an app. The app allows you to remotely lock your scooter and turn on/off the lights. You can also use it to view riding statistics like your battery life. It can be downloaded on both Apple and Android phones. 

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