Electric Scooter Benefits: 9 Advantages Explored

Electric scooters are growing in popularity daily, with some manufacturers topping sales charts in most countries. While they are more prevalent in some countries than in others, their reputation is a result of the many benefits they have over other types of scooters and modes of personal transportation.

Electric scooters are a symbol of modern transport, and they’re ubiquitous in most big cities around the world. While most of us think this recent boom in their popularity is excellent and just, there are still many others who remain unconvinced. In this article, I’ll be uncovering some of the main benefits/advantages of electric scooters.

1. Portability

The portability of electric scooters can only be rivalled by folding bikes. Although, an electric scooter is the most portable electric-powered mode of personal transport. Despite most individuals preferring assisted forms of transportation, most of them are too technical or too cumbersome to be practical.

Electric cars and motorbikes are great, but you need insurance and a license to use them. Push Bikes are also excellent, but one often needs to leave them chained up always to reduce the risk of being stolen. Pushbikes (bicycles) are also too large to be classified as portable.

Conversely, electric scooters are very light and easy to fold up, which makes them portable and easy to store. Electric scooters can be taken virtually anywhere when carried in your suitcase. Then you can simply unfold it whenever you need it, and you’ll be on your way!

2. Less noise pollution

Moving around a city in crowds and silence will never go hand-in-hand. The conventional methods of commuting around town come with a substantial amount of noise pollution. The common transport means used in towns include buses, cars, motorbikes, and trains, which are all incredibly loud.

Unlike these modes of transport, electric scooters offer a quiet mode of transport that will get you quickly from point A to B around town. Electric scooters will also get you home quietly without waking up your neighbors, even after working late at night. If you were using a motorbike or vehicle, they’d most definitely be annoyed by the noise pollution caused.

3. Eco-friendly

A list of electric scooter advantages is incomplete without mentioning how friendly they are to the environment. In this era of drastic climate change, we are collectively searching for more environmentally-friendly products, including modes of transport that produce fewer emissions.

Electric scooters are among the best eco-friendly modes of transport so far. Apart from not emitting any emissions, electric scooters also use low quantities of electricity.

4. Balance & Movement

Another struggle humankind is facing today is the sedentary lifestyle we live in. Most of us work in offices and jobs that involve a lot of sitting. Moreover, most of us drive or take a train to and from work. Don’t forget about the modern communication that has enhanced technology that has allowed you to socialize without even going anywhere.

This lifestyle has made physical movement less necessary, which has left people struggling with finding time to exercise. An electric scooter will get you moving for smaller journeys that you’d usually drive or use public means.

This doesn’t mean that an electric scooter is a replacement for working out. Using an electric scooter activates your core and improve your natural balance. This will substitute sitting in a vehicle or train with something more active and practical.

5. Safety

Every means of transport has inherent elements of risk. When compared to other portable modes of transport, including roller skating, cycling, and using hoverboards, electric scooters are possibly the safest option. This is because they allow you to simply step off whenever you sense an imminent collision. This is a safety feature that is not available with roller skates, bikes, and hoverboards.

Apart from being safe, electric scooters are fast and fun to ride, while still giving you enough control that leaves you feeling safe and secure while riding them.

6. Flexibility & speed

The technology used in electric scooters gives the user the ability to cover several miles with little effort. It also allows you to take advantage of the cycle paths and lanes that are traffic-free, which is brilliant, especially if you live in a congested city.

These factors have made these scooters more popular in most cities, and most governments/councils are urging people to use them instead of cars. Electric bikes have been developed for several years, and they now almost resemble normal scooters – being not much heavier or cumbersome. Take advantage of the speed and flexibility of these bikes, and you’ll most likely fall in love with them.

7. Affordability

Another advantage of electric scooters is that they don’t really cost that much. They are arguably the most affordable means of commuting. This is because an electric scooter costs less than a motorcycle, car, or mountain bike to initially purchase.

No matter whether you own a car, use the bus, or even the train, you’ll always have to spend on the commute. After some time, this cost accumulates into quite a bit of money.

On the contrary, owning an electric scooter only involves an initial cost and minimal battery charging costs, both of which are pretty affordable. Electric scooters are also cheaper to maintain than a car, and most new models have a one-year warranty, which makes them more economical.

8. Less Licensing Requirements

Most electric scooters, particularly the smaller ones, do not require special licensing or insurance. This is as a result of their lower speeds, unlike the more powerful gas-powered scooters and bikes. Licensing requirements for electric scooters do vary from one country to the other, or even between states within the same country. Ensure you comply with your local laws before going out on a ride. Also, ensure that you are wearing safety gear like reflective gear and helmets, which will protect you from injuries and make you more visible to other motorists.

9. Easy Mobility for Individuals with Health Issues

These electric scooters have received lots of praises all over the continent because of the increased mobility they offer individuals with health issues. Most countries have applauded electric scooters for being the best car replacement option for people who have disabilities that prevent them from driving. Most disabled persons prefer using scooters over bikes because they won’t get tired of pedaling. Since they’re unable to walk and using public transport is difficult, most disabled people opt for electric scooters because of their convenience and health benefits.

5 Things to Consider when Buying an Electric Scooter

I believe you’re now convinced about how good these electric scooters are, and you may be thinking of how to get one. Apart from the benefits, it’s good to be sure that whatever you’re buying satisfies your needs. Below are a few things you should consider when buying an electric scooter.

  • Budget: How much are you willing to spend? The prices of electric scooters are determined by the design, top speed, type of suspension used, battery capacity, and the number of additional features included in the model.
  • Portability: Are you planning to carry your electric scooter around with you or not? If you’ll be hauling your scooter everywhere you go, consider buying a model that can be easily folded into a compact size that won’t be too heavy for you.
  • Where you’ll be riding it: Also don’t forget about the roads. If the surfaces and roads around you are smooth and paved, you can buy a scooter with small wheels. Alternatively, if you’re planning to ride it over lots of uneven surfaces and bumps, you’ll need an electric scooter with larger tires. Likewise, if you live around a hilly terrain, you might need a scooter that has a more powerful motor to help you transverse those hills.
  • Battery & Range: The battery and range should also be considered. The range is also affected by lots of factors, including the weight, height, wind, topography, terrain, and the number of stops made per trip. Use these factors to evaluate the size of the battery you need.
  • Speed: This can be split into two main figures, the maximum cruising speed & the comfortable driving speed for electric scooters, pay more attention to the comfortable cruising speed since we don’t recommend riding them at maximum speeds.


The electric scooter advantages are plenty compared to other regular scooters and other modes of commuting. The numerous electric scooter benefits have made riding these scooters fun for both the old and the young. Their small capacity and size make them the best scooters for urban use.

Moreover, for those individuals who care about the environment, you can use the electric scooter because it’s environmentally friendly and an efficient mode of transport. I believe that this article has not only convinced you about the importance of buying an electric scooter but also made buying these scooters easier than before.

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