EVGeeks is a website which publishes content on the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry owned and operated by Black Sands Media LTD, a registered digital media company in England with registration number 11316445 and registered address DBH6 Diss Business Hub, Diss Business Park, Diss, Norfolk, England, IP22 4GT.

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Our Mission

We created EVGeeks to serve the demand for information about Electric Vehicles after seeing a dramatic increase in national interest within the sector.

Core Values

In our company, we hold a few main core principals which we carry through every piece of content we produce.

  • Being transparent and honest
  • Adding value wherever possible
  • Promoting equality without any exceptions


EVGeeks has one main author who resides in the United Kingdom; William Hurrell. Will has an extensive background in existing and emerging tech and owns a digital media company.

William Hurrell

(Yes, I really like tea)

William is a 21-year-old tech enthusiast who developed an early interest in Electric Vehicles having seen the negative effect fuel-powered vehicles have on our environment. William thinks that EVs are one of the most important discoveries of our era and is keen to learn more about the industry by producing valuable content about it. Here’s a couple of fun facts about Will:

  • Favourite pastime: Skiing
  • Best Read: Work Energy – Jim Harmer
  • Favourite Pizza Topping: Pineapple (of course)

You can contact William on LinkedIn or by using the contact page.